Friday, February 5, 2016

The Opening of Eyes

Clarence H. White - Morning 1905

Clarence H. White 1905

The Opening of Eyes

That day I saw beneath dark clouds
the passing light over the water
and I heard the voice of the world speak out,
I knew then, as I had before
life is no passing memory of what has been
nor the remaining pages in a great book
waiting to be read.

It is the opening of eyes long closed.
It is the vision of far off things
seen for the silence they hold.
It is the heart after years
of secret conversing
speaking out loud in the clear air.

It is Moses in the desert
fallen to his knees before the lit bush.
It is the man throwing away his shoes
as if to enter heaven
and find himself astonished,
opened at last,
fallen in love with solid ground.

by David Whyte

>< Anne Brigman, 1910:

Anne Brigman 1910

Clarence Hudson White, Rose Pastor Stokes, 1909:

Clarence Hudson White 1909

angel on the beach by Kamil Vojnar:

Kamil Vojnar

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Reticent Phrase

Barbara Takenaga

The Reticent Phrase

Aptness shall come from whence, reticent phrase,
to tinge precisely your pellucid wave?
Not through the naked nonchalance of chance,
like lightning down an uncontradicted sky.

Aptness is folded underneath your candour,
pooled in the polish of a reflective glaze,
wavers, dawdles, expands, a marine flower
idling up fluid doldrums to the surface.

The phrase, beating its music, preening its crest
against a critical oar, draws at the secret
till the day the oar rests as the wave sunders
and the fastidious implication emerges

a flower to pelt, an excalibur to wield.

Robert Finch

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tabletop Screens

copies of famous works
acrylic on canvas on wood
hinged with canvas
(table top "screens")
by Katia Oh

...after Monet, Anonymous, Millet

Friday, January 11, 2013


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